James McAvoy - Prada Fall/Winter 2014 Men’s Advertising Campaign: Behind the Scenes (x)


according to USA Today, the average tumblr user spends 2.5 hours a month on tumblr


more like 2.5 hours an hour.

Track Title: Battle Cry

Artist: Imagine Dragons

Album: Battle Cry - Single
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My love gushington-central tagged me, so here it is… =D

Not a fancy phone or a fancy background….. =D

Just me and lately M.I.A…..

M.I.A. everywhereeeeeeee =D 

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Kristen Stewart || Cannes 2012

hugh laurie + kids

bold what you prefer.

coffee or tea

books or movies

fruits or vegetables

headphones or earbuds

laptops or pc

facebook or tumblr

netflix or tv  (only bc i don’t have netflix)

hardcover or paperback

tv or movies

hp or thg

light or dark

salt or pepper

starbucks or dunkin donuts

reading or writing

writing or drawing

hot or cold

talking or listening

instruments or voice

cake or cupcakes

black or white

sunset or sunrise